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Want to drive him crazyin bed and addspice to your sexual life?You’re in luck.These are the most hotfemale sex positions thatmenlike.Men usually do a loton their bed to make suretheir girlfriend is happyandcontent with their sex.Now is your timetoreturn the favor.Reverse the roles toget your partner completelyon.Because sex roles play asignificant role in our lives this list includes the most hotmale sex roles that they love.These aren’t your boring,routine missionary jobs.Learnmore!

1.Womanat thetop

This is the most coveted. man loves it It allows you to be onhigh and lead the way. men love this position Men love itwhenwomen arethe leader and dominatesthesexual scene.A woman in top positionwill certainly driveyouinsane.Youcan set the pace accordingto yourdesires, sometimesslow , but sometimes reallyquick.Keephimguessing.

2.The reversecowgirl’s role

best position for couples  thatmen enjoyis the reverse cowgirlpose.In thisparticular position, the woman is onthe top of her head and sheis facingtheman.The image doesn’t includea lot ofeye contact, or even a lotof touching however the stroking isenough tomake your manbe awed.Ifyou’re still lookingtoestablish eye contactit is possible tomove around to catch a glance, this is also enoughtospice up the experience.

3.The standing position

After a fewtrials, this can be achieved.Standingrefers to when you sitwith your hands together and the person comesthroughfrom behind.You canmake the mostof your kitchenspace andtest this technique there.Simply bend forward and holdonto the kitchen’s counter asthe body enters.


Thisposition permitslots of body contact, so it’s veryclose.You’ll need to liein a side-by-side position with the male.You can have the manremain behindwhile you’re facingthemale.For a different variation it is possible to turnsmall amount to face the male,so that he willbe watching you throughoutsexual sex.

5.Lap Dance

Who doesn’t want to sex invarious places!You can takea wooden chair, andplace your manontop of it.Youcan eitherbe facing him or not,but this is a position thatcan make your ladygo weak in hisknees.He will surely lovethefeeling of you sitting besidehim while being completely incontrol.The benefit ofthisplace is that it allows you tolook over your man’s shoulderand kiss himover and over.

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