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Four reasons agencies should engage insocial listening

2020isone of the most dramatic years in history.In a growing number of cases, the brandsweare familiar with and trustare beingaskedto play a greaterpart in shaping the societywelive in.

Today more than ever,agenciesrequire a more effective wayto listen.As we have shown inourmost recent report on industry trends,organizations that utilize social listeningcan help their clients generatemore value, gain a better understanding oftheirmarkets, and createmore engagingwork.On the other hand, agencies that choosetodo nothingareleft to rely onsame old heuristics , and their instinctson their own.

Stillnot convinced?Here are four good reasons why youragencyshould begin investing in social monitoringright now.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Intoday’s hyper-connected world companies mustbeaware of their customers’ needs, goals,and views.

In this case, themost popular topicfromthe digital marketing agency report wasthe connectionbetweenconsumer insights and brands.Consumers have their own concerns thatagenciesare poised to tackle and are becomingmoreassertive than they have ever been.

Conversation Clustersisa user-friendlyvisualization toolwhich helps youquickly understand, discover,andunderstand the context ofany topic at aglance.

With the help of social listeninginformation, agencies can assisttheirclients in buildinggreater, more meaningful relationshipswith their customers.

Social listeningcan help agencies discoverfacts that givethem anadvantage.It may be thesolution toa problem inan untapped segment of the population or provide a fresh perspectivefor a product in support ofan innovative pitch.

For one agency, it was a cleverresponse to the recent lockdown craze.With the help of the overwhelmingsuccess of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneof the most memorablecollaborations ofthisyear.Five days in, the playershad the opportunityswap their turnips – -one ofthe game’s most valuable assetsto donate food(ain total worth $25,000).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.

2.More accuratemeasurement

Prior to the advent and growth ofsocial media, most advertisersand communications agencies relied onthe bottom line metrics such as salesto measure the effectivenessfor their marketing campaigns.While there’s nothingnegative about that,the method can be a bitofan imperfect instrument.

Today, agencies needmore flexible ways to modelanddocument the value thattheycan providetheir clients.By paying attention to social media, itwill give your agency morecontrolover campaigns for clientswith immediate feedback from manyinteractions.It allows you to segment stratify, prioritize, and selectchannels thatoffer themost important information you need.

Foran example, you’ll be able to findan overviewon the impact of acampaign hashtag, hashtag,orother talk piece withan engagementmetric , such as thepotential reach.Then, you’ll be able tolook deeper.The ability to narrow inon the valuable data streamscollected fromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusmany otheroffline sources)gives you a thoroughanalysis of how your customers feelregarding your company and their creative.

It is possible to find outthe individuals who are expressing what opinions and -particularly – howtheyfeel about your clients,with the help of a software like”sensitivity analysis,” providesan excellentillustration of how efficient formsofsocial listening to feedbackwill help companies stay on top of things.Our research on the industry foundan evident connection betweenfavorable sentiment of an adcampaign – Nike’s “You Can’tStop Us’ campaign -and sentiment for the agencywhich created it, as anexample(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticswill allow you to seethe connections between various topics. It also givesthe user a powerful waytoshow important connections.

3. Crisis management

Consumers are louderthanever before.Plus, that voicecan be heard everywhereinreal-time.

As you’d imagine,crisis management is a crucialcomponent of social listening.Agencies that detect problems whentheyare discovered have an advantageover theircompetitors.More importantly, they canensure the safety of their clients.

A sound social listening strategyaids organizations in arange of crisis management scenarios.Concerns about defective products transform intolive conversations that can address issues that are causing concern, collect data, andresolve negative attitudes.Rapid shifts in public opinionare now manageable.Feedback on creatives that are not well-received becomesan indication of how to improveor, inthe case of serious issues choose a different path.

In the end, social listening aidsagenciesact as guardians for thebrands theyworkwith. Itkeeps clients informedof any issues they maynot have noticed and gives them theinformation required to plana measured and informedresponsein a collaborative manner.

4. Competitive intelligence

Our report on the agency industry looked attheissues facing the marketin 2020.As the pandemic plunges globaleconomies intochaos, agencies arelooking for new ways to innovateandgrow. Competitive intelligence isjust one ofthe ways. Inthe simplest sense, social listening hong kong lets youmake use of the most importantconversationspeople have not been having aboutyou.

Yourcompetitors havedifferent strategies and methodsto achieve success.Likeyou, they’vespentthe time and resources to create them.Through social listening, companiesare able to participate in critical discussionsabout what makesother brands do well:

  • What’s driving the successof aspecificcampaign?

  • How do brands harnessspecific media to achievethemostimpact?

  • How do you compare yourselfto the competition?

With a well-designedsocial listeningsystem it is possible to incorporate competitive intelligenceintegrated seamlessly into your go-to-marketstrategy. Without it, your companywill be compelled to actin a vacuum, lacking the essential informationto navigate an ever-changingworld.And ifDarwinrevealed anything to us it’s that onlyorganisms that adaptsurvive.

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